What We Do

We provide competitive recruiting services, tools and resources to employers engaged in the business of lateral hiring, acquiring the best employees in other organizations.

LegalRecruiter recruits attorneys for law firms and businesses. We match individual attorneys and practice groups with unique opportunities. For over 30 years, we placed some of the very best employees from highly regarded candidate pools, and in the process we developed instinct, judgment and knowledge base clients rely on. Lateral hiring increasingly requires delivery of reliable data, understood.

More, better and faster access changes lateral hire value propositions

  • At our core, we collect, analyze and understand the scope and depth of recruiting and lateral hiring data so that we advise employers on existing or new recruiting strategies. We embed this learned nuance in each Website we design and develop to recruit lateral hires without overwhelming detail or compromising medium.
  • We provide recruiting services on retained and contingency basis. We will continue those arrangements to meet the demands for which these value proposition models were intended.
  • However, there is an increasing trend of employers that seek new value coinciding with technological advances in information access and management, a point well made. In response, we offer a value proposition that empowers employers engaged in lateral hiring to compete more efficiently for top talent and better manage lateral hiring.

LegalRecruiter designs and develops Web applications for lateral recruitment, placement, and business development. We customize Websites and applications to establish and improve a client’s online presence and capability.  A visible, content engaging and responsive Website projects the business of lateral recruitment.

Responsive design is fluent on any device

  • All Websites want to do the same thing: show the viewer the information he or she wants to see in a way that is easy to read on their device of choice. Viewers want information without having to move left and right with a scroll bar or zoom-in, zoom out in order to read the text or view an image. A responsive Website has one set of pages and codes that adapt to different devices eliminating the need to create additional versions of a Website.
  • This site is responsive.  If you shrink the browser window width, you will see the content transformed to fit the page. Do the same on Facebook, or 90% of law firm Websites, and you will see content cut, not transformed.
  • Slow response by the legal profession, as a whole, to incorporate responsive technology creates an opportunity in lateral recruitment for competitive intelligence.
Lateral Recruiting Website Model
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